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José on Someday my pain
Blog interesante... ya está en mis favoritos

Shaahin Bahremand on Postcard from an island
wow ! great ! excellent best view

Roberto on Noise
Beautiful pattern. The greenish tone and the lighting are both very nice!

sázky on Postcard from an island
great shot.Exellent colours and atmosphere.Good work

paula on Postcard from an island
¿dónde estás? on Postcard from an island
That sky! Absolutely stunning.

Iván Kuzel on Postcard from an island
Hola, es la primera vez que paso por acá, me gustaron muchos tus fotos. Me encantan los tonos de esta imagen, y ...

sol on Postcard from an island
que hermosos colores!!

renzo on Postcard from an island
Que linda!me gusta el color en el horizonte!Visitando blog soy nuevo.bye

Ian Bramham on Postcard from an island
I was just thinking of you a few moments ago when I looked back at a photo I'd taken 2 years ago and thought ...

sonrisa conttu on Frozen season
2 de septiembre 5:00hs am lindas fotos...

ALONSO on Postcard from an island
Buenos brillos

Mags on A rose, unless
Very beautiful.

Ian Bramham on A rose, unless
Oh Guilermina! I'm not sure what to say really but I love it. Ambiguous as ever but truly beautiful.

Didier DE ZAN on A rose, unless
Beautiful shot

sherri on A rose, unless
A feeling of romance or tragedy. To me, this image is subject to interpretation by the mood of the person viewing it. ...

sherri on Trickle
What an exceptional and different capture of the falls by showing the person in from. The colors in this are also quite ...

Victoria on Lifesaving
Estuve viendo tus fotos... Muy bello el color y la luz!

Inés on Lifesaving
Moyen de transport ? Bus ? train ? avion ????

Wysterior on Going places
Great idea and brilliant photograph !! Have a nice day Wys

Inés on Thorns out
Drôle de végétal rigolo qui me plaît bien !

Larry Bliss on See-through you
Such a serious kitty! :-)

Larry Bliss on Thorns out
Unique subject matter and a good composition...

Lorraine on Thorns out
With a touch of the blues....brilliant ;)

sorter on Thorns out
you were just a pair of eyes..........

sophron on The challenge
great framing!

sophron on Shifting
nice and moody. (regarding the blur: lensbaby or postprocessing?) thanks for your kind message by the way.

yiannis krikis on Shifting
I like the mood and the colors

Julian on Winter amidst summer
Tu copyright está a salvo. No queda registro de ninguna deuda creativa con vos.

Julian on Winter amidst summer
Me pareció entender lo del outer, inner, a mi manera. Pero ok, ya lo cambié.

Julian on Winter amidst summer
Hola Guillermina, llegué a tu blog casualmente y me gustó mucho tu trabajo. Me cautivó. ...

Damon Schreiber on Winter amidst summer
Wonderful colour contrast. And I enjoyed very much flipping through 'Letters to Canada' - I especially liked ...

sorter on Winter amidst summer you soooooooo happy ......... a fantastic photo as always .. thats all

Ian Bramham on Dangling
that's one of your best Guillermina. I love it!

Ian Bramham on Winter amidst summer
What great beauty and delicay of touch Guillermina!

Ron on Winter amidst summer
Love the way the light is dancing in this charming little scene ... ron

Charles on Winter amidst summer
Nice shot...great details.

sherri on See-through you
Such a pretty cat. It looks like one eye is irritated:-(

sherri on Winter amidst summer
So delicate...

bluechameleon on Winter amidst summer
So these colours and the delicate detail.

Ale on See-through you
I'm looking through you. Where did you go?

Damon Schreiber on See-through you
Unnerving! Feliz año nuevo, G!

Olivier Jules on See-through you
lovely kitty

sorter on See-through you
hey ....thats scarey ! :D

bluechameleon on Someday my pain
Excellent shot! The Diana+ is a wonderful camera!!!

bluechameleon on See-through you
Beautiful light! A Happy New Year to you :)

Eleftheria! on See-through you
I love cats! Happy 2009!

alonso on Friendly fire
Kmara analogica o digital? Buena composicion Usaste mucho fotoshop?

Damon Schreiber on Now here is nowhere
Excellent. An airport is the ultimate 'middle place'.

Damon Schreiber on Dangling
A wonderful near-sighted view from a cave.

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